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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music Video List

Year Artist / Song / Label
Gayle Strickland, From Blue to You Intersound Records
Brooks & Sharp, That’s Another Story Mercury / Polygram Records
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Love Don’t Always Come Easy Warner Bros. Records
Lisa Stewart, Somebody’s In Love BNA Record Company
Cimmaron, Can’t You Just Stay Gone Alpine Recors

Kenny Chesney, Whatever It Takes Capricorn Records
Daron Norwood, Cowboys Don’t Cry (DP / Editor) BNA Record Company
Cimmeron, Stone Country Alpine Records
Steve Gatlin, He Is Alive and Well Star Song Records
Crystal Gayle, Someday Intersound Records

Kenny Chesney, The Tin Man Capricorn Records
Brian Barrett, He Still Moves Stones Sparrow Records
The Bellamy Brothers, The Old Hippie Intersound Records
Charlie Daniels, Two Out Of Three Sparrow Records
Joe Nichols, Six of One, Half Dozen of The Other Intersound Records
Crystal Lewis, The Cross Word Records

Patricia Conroy, Keep Me Rockin’ Warner Bros. Records
Dan Seals, I’d Really Love To See You Tonight Morningstar Records
Michael Johnson, Be Not Afraid, ForeFront Records
Cindy Morgan, Making Love Last Word Records
The Bellamy Brothers, Shine Them Buckles Intersound Records

Dan Seals, One Friend Morningstar Records
Geoff Moore & The Distance, Roadwork Forefront
George Clinton, Ain’t Nothin’ But a Jam Ya’ll Intersound Records
John P. Kee, Stand Star Song Records
Victoria Knox, Lying in Each Other’s Arms Intersound Records
Cindy Morgan, The Master’s Hands Word Records
Jay Patton, Let’s Do Some Old Ones Tonight Black Hat Records
Greg Long, Days of Grace Word Records
Victoria Hawkes, She’s Waiting Intersound Records
Patricia Conroy, Mary On The Dashboard Morningstar Records
Cindy Morgan, Listen Word Records
Baillie and the Boys, Some Kind of Luck River North Records
Chad King, Looking for the One Gallery Records
Patricia Conroy, Direction of Love Morningstar Records
Skip Ewing, Mary Go Round Word Records
Jim Wise, She Wants to Drive My Truck Intersound Records
Greg Long, Love All Around the World Word Records
Joe Nichols, Wal-Mart Parking Lot Social Club Intersound Records
Babbie Mason, Praise Celebration Word Records

Shelia Walsh, Love as Vast as The Ocean Integrity Records
MC Potts, I’m So Sorry Gallery Records
Baillie and the Boys, God’s Honest Truth Platinum Records
Big Ed Johnson, A Smoker’s Letter to the Pres. Ray Stevens Musi
George Clinton & The Dazz Band, Ride Intersound Records
Crystal Lewis, Beauty For Ashes Word Records
Crystal Lewis & Ron Kenoli, Beauty For Ashes Word Records
Oak Ridge Boys, Aint No Short Way to Home Platinum Records
Crystal Lewis & Marcus Witt, Belleza Por Cenizas Word Records
Babbie Mason, Unity Word Records
Geoff Moore, New Americans Forefront Records
Joe Nichols, To Tell You The Truth, I Lied Intersound Records
Shirley Caesar, Miracle in Harlem Word Records
Joe Nichols, I Hate the Way I Love You Intersound Records
The Bellamy Brothers, She’s Awesome Intersound Records
James Dean, Everybody’s Talking Row Records
Patricia Conroy, Ain’t Nobody Like You Morninstar Records
Tim Briggs, Couch Potato River North Records
Ronnie McDowell, Love Me Tender Platinum Records
T. Graham Brown, Wine Into Water Intersound Records
Tom T. Hall, Shoes and Dress That Alice Wore Mercury / Polygram Records
The Bellamy Brothers, We All Get Crazy at Christmas Intesound Records
Skip Ewing, Answer to My Prayer Word Records
Highway 101, It Must Be Love Willow Tree Records
Tom T. Hall, St. George Island Mercury / Polygram Records
Anointed, Under the Influence Word Records
Marie Brennan, Perfect Time Word Records

Alabama, She’s Got That Look in Her Eyes RCA Records
James Dean, Fire Red Thunderbird Row Records
JoEl Sonnier, The Broken Hearted Side of New Orleans Intersound Records
Streams in The Desert, Various Artists Word Records
Suzy Bogguss, Goodnight River North Records
Helen Baylor, Love Brought Me Back Word Records
Tim Briggs, Everything She Needs River North Records
The Bellamy Brothers, Over The Line Intersound Records
Mark Collie, Rapid Roy the Stock Car Boy River North Records
Point of Grace, Steady On Word Records
Alison Krauss & Michael Johnson, Whenever I Call You Friend
Intersound Records

T. Graham Brown, Happy Ever After Intersound Records
Barry Martin, Butt Scootin’ Doggie Platinum Records
Earl Thomas Conley, Scared Money Never Wins Intersound Records
Eddy Raven, Cowboys Don’t Cry Music Row Records
Ricky Lynn Gregg, Be Careful What You Wish For Music Row Records

2000 -
Jill King, One Mississippi Blue Diamond Records
Jolie Holiday, All The Good Ones Are Gone Six Shooter Records
Keith Bryant, I Laid Her Body Down Tandem Records
Ray Herndon, My Dog Thinks I’m Elvis Intersound Records
Len Doolin, Breaking What’s Left of My Heart Platinum Records
Ray Hood, Critical List Gallery Records
Jeff Golden, Kissy Kissy Intersound Records